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Italian Echosline Luxury Shampoo   Bright Platinum Shampoo 1000ml


Echosline Brilliant Platinum Collection Collection of Royal Prescriptions

Makes hair full of vitality. Soft to the touch. Exudes a dazzling radiance


✅Suitable for extremely damaged hair

✅The royal aristocratic magnolia fragrance and the delicate fragrance of nut extract

✅ Provides moisture to hair fibers and deeply nourishes with extraordinary shine

✅Suitable for repairing and strengthening damaged hair

✅Rebuild hair silky texture

pH 5.5-6.0, avoid external environmental stimulation

✅ Rich in 5 kinds of vitamins and vegetable oils, hair is shiny

The Seliàr Luxury formula contains:

• Vitamin E: protects hair's brilliance and helps prevent split ends
• Vitamin C: Antioxidant and protects hair fiber
• Vitamin B3: emollient and regenerating effect on hair fiber
• Vitamin B5: maintains hair's hydration level
• Vitamin B6: Helps maintain hair vitality and shine
• Flaxseed Oil: Miraculous Smoothing Properties from Ancient Egypt
• Argan Oil: deeply nourishes hair from southern Morocco
• Cactus Oil: Extraordinary antioxidant and moisturizing properties from the Mediterranean coast


Italian Echosline Luxury Shampoo Bright Platinum Shampoo 1000ml

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