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Nut Miracle Hair Shampoo (for weak hair)


An anti-aging shampoo for fine hair, with eye-catching, high-quality properties that provide the best and most delicate care.

The shampoo can perfectly moisturize the hair, restore natural luster, impeccably radiant, make the hair easier to control, and strengthen the hair. The formula contains a unique ingredient-Q10-that can provide antioxidant protection and help fight hair aging. Enriched with Luviquat Excellance quaternary polymer, it has excellent conditioning, moisturizing and protection properties. Restore moisture and increase elasticity.

It can restore optimal moisture and provide excellent care results.


Innovative polymer, moisturizing and strengthening hair elasticity, filling the core and tightening the scaly surface, protecting the hair


✅Accessory Q10 CO-ENZYME Q10
Effective Antioxidant Ingredients|Strengthen Hair Root Blood Circulation|Activate Keratin Renewal


✅Argan Oil Eco Cert
Contains Vitamin E and Omega 3 saturated fatty acids|Moisturizing|Strong hair|Energetic


✅TEA TREE OIL tea tree oil to remove impurities|repair|strong|gloss


✅pH 5.0-6.0, with high-efficiency antioxidant capacity

✅High concentration of moisturizing ingredients and unsaturated fatty acids can improve the inherent moisture retention of hair

✅ Give the hair the deepest repair and moisturizing ability

✅Improve moisture

✅It can make the weak and weak hair return shiny.



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ARGANIKARE Moroccan Repair Series (Hair) exclusively incorporates Coenzyme Q10, Argan Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil. Coenzyme Q10 enhances special anti-oxidant and anti-aging effects. Does not contain sulfates, parabens, sodium lauryl polyoxyether sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, and allergens. Provides hair moisturizing quickly. Helps beauty and dyed hair look healthier. Makes the outer structure of the hair more supple. No weight.

意大利進口 AlterEgo MIRACLE BEAUTIFYING SHAMPOO 堅果奇蹟美髮洗髮水 300mL/ 950mL

PriceFrom HK$180.00
  • Usage: Use on wet hair and scalp, massage for a few minutes, can be used repeatedly after washing

  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, we are happy to refund all customers. First, you need to notify us by email within the first 7 days after receiving our products. However, you need to pay the return shipping cost. Thank you.

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