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ShineMoist Cashmere Blonde 2in1 Yellow Bleaching Cream 300g


Eliminates brassy tones to keep Asian blondes and grays looking perfect


Infused with oily Asian violet blue pigment

Contains natural alpine beeswax and corn vegetable protein

Natural glycerin greatly reduces breakage after fading

Hair remains strong and soft

Low stimulation fade


. More uniform color effect . Easy to apply and comb to protect the scalp . Protect cold tones . Silky effect


The bleaching cream does not contain ammonia and does not leave any residue on the hair. It protects the hair but can also remove artificial pigments.

ShineMoist Cashmere Blonde 2in1 Yellow Bleaching Cream 300g

PriceFrom HK$40.00

    Step 1: No need to wash your hair before bleaching to avoid scratching your scalp

    Step 2: First mix bleaching cream and hydrogen peroxide milk, the general ratio is 1:1. Layer the hair, starting from the neck. The amount applied must be enough. Use a hair dyeing comb to apply the bleaching agent, and apply less and less. Apply evenly to each hair strand.  

    Step 3: Wait for 20-30 minutes and observe the change in hair color. If it does not reach the white blonde color you want, you may need to repeat the above steps and bleach it once or twice more.