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Nirvel  Care Detox Serum 100mL 


Detox is a hair purifying procedure. It restores the balance of the microflora of the scalp and effectively removes dandruff as well as sensations of irritation and itching. With Detox, you will have a healthy scalp and a pleasant feeling, as well as moisturized and conditioned hair.


✅ Effective dandruff elimination

✅With its innovative beauty texture, it penetrates into the scalp and helps rebalance the skin microflora

✅Eliminates dandruff, dryness, flakiness, irritation and itching for calm and comfort

✅Through detoxification, you will get a healthy scalp, pleasurable comfort and nourished healthy hair

✅Active ingredients:

Aloe Vera, Panthenol, Lactitol, Glycerin, Zinc Pyrithione, Biotin, Betaine


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Nirvel Professional - Hair Cosmetics (Nirvel) - Spain.

The unique Nirvel Professional company has been creating outstanding hair care products for over 35 years that will help unlock the full potential of great hair, ideally meeting the needs of any client.

Nirvel Care Detox Serum 100mL

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    Massage the serum into the scalp with fingertips for a few minutes to enhance product penetration and enhance capillary stimulation

    Special emphasis should be placed on problem areas. No need to wash off 


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