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Italy Alter Ego Nourishing Spa Color Care Shampoo Mangosteen Deep Antioxidant Color Care Shampoo


Frequent dyeing of hair makes the hair prone to drought and dehydration, so it is best to use weakly acidic color-locking shampoo and conditioner after dyeing to repair the damaged hair immediately after dyeing, so that the dyed hair will return to health faster.

The mangosteen deep anti-oxidant color protection series is aimed at moisturizing and repairing dyed hair. The new formula adds mangosteen extract and tomato bio-enzyme, which not only makes dyed hair long-lasting, but also moisturizes hair that is often damaged by dyeing.


Features of Mangosteen Deep Antioxidant Color Shampoo:

✅Moisturize dyed hair and add moisture to dyed hair to restore elasticity and softness to hair

✅Unique formula helps to prevent the hair from fading due to impurities in the water after dyeing

✅ Effectively protect the color and color stability of dyed hair, prevent oxidation of the hair, and slow down the fading of hair color due to oxidation

✅Fight against moisture loss and moisturize dyed hair


Special active ingredients:

✅Mangosteen essence

💙 Rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidant factors

💙 is a natural moisturizing and antioxidant ingredient

💙 Effectively fight free radical formation

💙Hair color is more stable and lasting after dyeing

💙Contains protein, fat, vitamin B1, B2, C, P, etc.

✅Tomato bio-enzyme ingredients

💙Strengthen hair fiber, make hair stronger

💙Have a higher antioxidant effect than carotene

💙 Effectively fight free radical formation

💙 Contains vitamin E to protect hair from UV rays and free radicals

✅Sunflower extract

💙 Contains linoleic acid to effectively fight aging and moisturize

💙 It can moisturize and protect the hair, and can lock the surface of the hair

💙 Make the color longer and make the hair more vibrant

✅Enriched Vitamin E

💙 Has a very high antioxidant and moisturizing effect

💙 Effectively resist ultraviolet rays

意大利進口 AlterEgo Nourishing Spa Color Care Shampoo山竹深層抗氧護色洗頭水300mL/1000mL

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    After washing the hair and scalp with warm water until it is soaked, apply an appropriate amount of shampoo evenly on the hair and scalp, massage gently and evenly until foaming, and then rinse thoroughly with water.

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